Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016, Zhouqin Burnikel


This math theme should please our resident math NERD, Huygens. It's Hollywood film titles, each of which contains one of the first four perfect squares. I believe I've only seen THEFOURSEASONS (25A: Alad Alda/Carol Burnett comedy), which I put in immediately. The rest all needed a cross or two. Even SIXTEENCANDLES (55A: 1984 Molly Ringwald coming-of-age comedy). Or maybe I just already had  few crosses when I got to it.

A pretty solid Monday theme, with a fancy fifteen-letter revealer running right through the center.

The long, non-theme Downs were decent. My favorite was ILLATEASE (35D: Uncomfortable). Other highlights were NAIF (52A: Innocent sort), SCRAM (10A: "Beat it!"), CANIT (58D: "Zip your lip!"), and IRULE (56D: "Go me!"). Imagine, me calling out three "quote" clues. How things have changed.

1A: Termini (ENDS) gets a B-. The use of Latin in the clue brings it out of the Cs. It's also the first answer I put in confidently. Decent Monday.

- Horace


  1. 3:31
    And I could have been faster if I hadn't let myself be seduced by trying to figure out the theme. But that's part of the fun, isn't it? It's a fine Monday.

  2. 8:03
    I could have been faster if only I could figure out the answers more quickly. Anyway, the theme is great...who doesn't love a square? (One of them is even a fourth power of 2, which is excellent.) It's even nice that ROOT is in there, although its clue references the plant-variety. And speaking of AMOK, LSD makes another appearance.