Sunday, December 27, 2020

Sunday, December 27, 2020, Daniel Grindberg


A clever Sunday theme today of a variety of different "____ and ____" answers tangentially clued with familiar "____ partners" or "partners ____" clues. SUCHAS

Silent partners (PEACEANDQUIET)

Writing partners (PENANDPAPER)

and Partners in crime (BREAKINGANDENTERING)

It's quite nice, really, and there are a lot of them, which led, no doubt, to a few HAPS (Unfortunate events, old-style) such as HAPS, ISSO, NTHS, ROES, BIENNIA, INREPAIR, and SPECIE (Money in coins rather than bills). 

One of Calvin's ALTEREGOS, Spaceman Spiff
But we also get a new clue for ERIE (Lake largely fed by the Detroit River), an obscure cooking term, SHIRR (Bake, as an egg) (Yes, "as an egg." I think what they meant was "To bake an egg," because you're not going to SHIRR any cakes or brownies), and the excellent clue "Subject of a Magritte work (or not?)" for PIPE. Also into the "strong clue" category I will add "Big game changer?" (LIONTAMER). Clever, that.

I never really liked the who, but I heard "My Generation" plenty in my youth, and I don't really remember any BASSSOLO. But that's probably just me. 

So there was both "Sweetness and sourness" (TASTES) in this one, but overall, maybe I'm just a HUMBUG, but I didn't come away loving it. The theme is interesting, but I think there were a few too many concessions. Or maybe it was just that I was reminded of ZOOM, which I find troubling. I mean, it's great that we can all see each other so easily now, while we are forced to stay in our houses, but at the same time, when I think of ZOOM while I'm not actually using it, it gives me a deep feeling of sadness. It symbolizes, for me, this whole time of isolation, sickness, fear, and death. Anybody else get that?

Sorry to end on such a such a bad note. Things should get a lot more cheery when Frannie takes over the reins of this sleigh tomorrow. So until I see you again, Happy Puzzling and Happy New Year!

- Horace


  1. 29:50
    I don't get that way thinking of ZOOM, but I'm definitely more of a "happy-go-lucky" personality than is Horace. I am, for example, happy that there is finally a clue properly featuring The Who, a band which I did enjoy as a youth, and still do on occasion, and the BASSSOLO is definitely quite prominent in "My Generation." I wanted to work a stutter in there, but it wouldn't fit, so I had to wait for a few crosses SUCHAS the excellent ZEALOT. BUTTDIAL's clue was quite good (25A Booty call?), even with the QM. And PARTON reminded me that I still haven't seen Dolly's new Christmas special. I suppose I LAGS Horace, Frannie and probably Colum in that regard. Nice trivia with RIDDLER, but SPEEDOS brought to mind the unfortunate trend around here of people opting for that type of suit in the summer. IMO, FACTIS NOONE should wear them, but my PLEA falls on deaf ears. On another note, I've been meaning to get more GRENACHE into my diet. And did anyone notice that "quaRters" fits where BEERPONG goes?

  2. "Why don't they all just...F-F-F-F-Fade away?" (Sorry...and I've stop air playing the BASS SOLO, too.) Horace, I don't feel that way about ZOOM conferencing at all...I'm really grateful it exists and not just for business purposes but for social get togethers, etc. I felt the fill clues might've been toughened up because, once you get the theme, they're pretty easy. Now I have an urge to interrupt my romantic partner (is there some football game on or something?), put on the AT LAST album and maybe score some HUGS AND KISSES. :-)

  3. This one didn’t do much for me. Just thought it was kind of....flat. The answers to the theme clues were pretty easy to guess which left a lot of petty tedious “filling in.” And, Daniel, I’m certainly with you regarding Zoom. My New Year’s resolution may be to never open the app again.